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Mobilitat FP

About Mobility

Before Mobility

Language policy

English is not taught as a subject in upper VET courses, but transversely in almost every professional module.
The teacher encourages the learning of this language with activities that require document consultation in English.
On the other hand, specifically for studies of the computer family, the English learning increases due to the fact that students work daily with notations and languages written in this language.
Because of the characteristics of our population (coastal town and near the border), students are encouraged to study English at the EOI (Official Foreign Languages School) in Sant Feliu (a town located about 15 Km) where CEFR degrees are taught.


During Mobility

In the case of students that perform internships abroad, reception will be held on the date decided by mutual agreement. They will be helped to find accommodation and provide necessary information for their stay (maps, addresses, etc.).

For the tutoring process several methods will be used. Despite our own tool for monitoring students of compulsory in-company training (, other tools for easier communication will be used (e-mail, instant messaging, video calling etc.) in order to provide them all the information they need.


After Mobility

Internal administrative steps and procedures established to recognise the mobility achievements

Due to the platform used for monitoring compulsory in-company training (, they are validated automatically. This tool also generates all the necessary documentation.

We also give the student the Europass issued by the Ministry of Education as a supplement (